Roman Blinds Melbourne

Buy Roman Shades And Blinds In Melbourne

Roman blinds and shades are different to other window fittings in that they can be both subtle or attention grabbing centrepieces. Roman blinds in Melbourne are available to buy in a variety of colours and styles to suit rooms in both residential and commercial buildings. These popular window furnishings are usually manufactured using the finest soft fabrics so that the Roman blinds and shades fold easily into pleats when raised. Essentially, there are two main types of roman shades available and they go by different names depending where you are from. Melbourne Roman blinds can be called either flat shades, which are also known as classic shades, or hobbled shades more commonly referred to as looped Roman blinds or teardrop blinds. We know that local interior designers and home improvement gurus love the choice of styles, materials and patterns available from our Melbourne Roman blinds collections. We also install for commercial businesses across the city and Melbourne suburbs. We have delivered and installed Roman shades and blinds for wine bars, cafes and restaurants, Melbourne's best boutique hotels, retail shops and even modern city centre offices.

For residential customers whether you are improving a room in your house or apartment, our selection of Roman Blinds in Melbourne are ideal and look fantastic throughout the home. They are naturally suited to bedrooms, lounge areas and dining rooms because of the soft look that our fabric creates. When buying Roman blinds and window shades you can easily match the colour schemes in all your favourite rooms.


Flat Roman Blinds

Flat Roman blinds are made with one continuous piece of luxury fabric. We supply the highest quality flat Roman shades in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. A wide range of fabric options are available to our customers so you can easily select the perfect Roman blinds to complement the decor in any room. The shades are made with stunning fabric from around the world and manufactured here in Melbourne. Flat Roman shades have a smooth drape style providing a casual and classic look and feel. An amazing variety of patterns are available and you can choose almost any colours in any shade. As this type of Roman shade hangs flat in front of the window, the blind will showcase the incredible patterns on the material and and spectacular colours on the fabric. It is worth noting that with light or delicate fabrics, a flat roman shade can sometimes show the small stitches used to attach the cord rings meaning the stitches could be visible on the front of the shade. A member of our team will be happy to advise you regarding stitching before you order so feel free to ask us a question or share some of your ideas. The flat Roman shade style of blind is one of our most popular window furnishing products and will add a new dimension to the windows in your residential or commercial property in Melbourne.

Child safety is paramount at The Shutters & Blinds Group and that’s why when we deliver Flat Roman blinds in Melbourne, you can be assured that your new blinds will come with only the best safety devices.

Waterfall or Hobbled Roman Shades

Roman shades that feature soft folds that tumble and ripple down the face of the fabric are usually called Roman waterfall blinds or hobbled Roman shades in Melbourne. They can also be called looped blinds and teardrop Roman shades. When fully extended, a hobbled Roman shade will retain its soft, overlapping loops, or folds. Similar to drapery, hobbled Roman blinds create a beautiful cascading look which is why many also refer to them as waterfall Roman shades. Our top quality Roman shades will create a stunning look for your windows as the Roman blinds display folds that continue to the bottom of the window when the blind is closed. Hobbled blinds also stack neatly at the top which adds to their increasing popularity with Melbourne home owners and interior design specialists. When raising the shade, the centre part of the blind bows down as it's sides are slowly lifted up. Waterfall Romans add sophistication and elegance to any room. They are ideal for bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms as they help to create a relaxing atmosphere in the home.

Hobbled Roman blinds are also popular with our commercial customers around Victoria. Cafe, restaurant, boutique shop and luxury hotel owners are just a few of our happy customers that have purchased our stylish waterfall Roman blinds in Melbourne.


Butterfly Roman Blinds In Melbourne

Butterfly Roman blinds have small winged offshoots at the bottom of the shade and the material swags in the centre and butterfly shape tails on the sides. You have the choice of Butterfly Roman shades in modern or classic styles depending on your taste. The Butterfly blind designs are also know as Balloon Roman shades in Melbourne and across Victoria. This type of window blind displays an inverted box pleat when the shade is pulled up and a flat piece of fabric with neat inverted box pleats when lowered. Once the shade is down you can create the elegant butterfly or balloon effect by just gathering the fabric along the box pleat. The elegant fabric folds of the Butterfly Roman shades are perfect for rooms that need to soften a hard-edged modern interior. Our range of elegant Butterfly or Balloon Roman blinds will also blend seamlessly in homes that have a more traditional decor.

Butterfly Roman blinds offer functionality of a window shade with the decorative impact of a soft furnishing. Our Butterfly Romans are available in a range of colours and patterns designed to complement or contrast with your current or new home furnishings. All shades supplied and fitted by our team are made from the finest fabrics and materials from around the world.