Roller Blinds Melbourne

Home And Office Roller Blinds In Melbourne

If you are looking for roller blinds in Melbourne, we have the perfect products for you. Choose from manual or remote and motorised controls. Our motorised roller blinds are available in 240 volt & battery operated wireless motors. We offer a comprehensive range of residential and commercial roller blinds which includes classic styles and modern designs. Enjoy stunning roller blinds made from a selection of the finest fabrics and materials from around the world. Bespoke design options are always available so if you need custom roller blinds, just let us know your requirements. We install roller blinds in Melbourne homes, offices, schools, cafes, bars, restaurants, council buildings and other business premises in surrounding suburbs. Our roller blinds are manufactured using high performance fabrics and many lines come with a solar protective coating which allows for extra climate control.

Now you can choose stylish inserts made from matching fabric and easily attach your new roller blinds to a suspended ceiling. Both manually operated and motorised roller blinds are available for home delivery and installation from our experienced Melbourne blind fitters. Roller blinds are available in almost every colour imaginable so we can easily match the colour schemes in any room.


Sunscreen Roller Blinds

The sunscreen roller blinds use fabric that allows for heat and natural light control without spoiling the view. They reduce the amount of glare and heat entering rooms through windows and glass doors. Sunscreen roller blinds have a unique design that reduces glare while allowing sunlight to filter into the room. The Shutters & Blinds Group use the award winning SunShadow® fabric collection for our sunscreen roller blinds in Melbourne. SunShadow® is an Australian company that supplies the highest quality Eco-friendly screen fabrics for roller Blinds. Now you can choose from the SunShadow® Net Series, RR Series and Screen Opulence ranges and enjoy the many benefits and features that come from our quality window coverings. They include a safe child-friendly design, a UV rating of between 90% to 96% and an insulation factor of up to 20%. We install Sunscreen roller blinds in Melbourne homes, offices, cafes, restaurants and schools. These stylish roller blinds are suitable for large and small windows, French doors, patio and sliding glass doors. Installing sunscreen blinds will also protect your furniture from fading caused by exposure to Ultra violet rays. SunShadow® fabrics are Greenguard Gold certified meaning that they meet the strict standards needed to supply sunscreen roller blinds for use in schools, colleges and healthcare facilities.

Our sunscreen roller blinds are available in a variety of subtle and earthy colours and will look fantastic from inside and outside your home or workplace. SunShadow® fabric comes with a 10 year guarantee and the our blinds can be custom made to fit any windows and doors.

Dual Roller Blinds

Dual roller blinds, or double roller blinds as they are often called, combine the best features plus all the benefits of sunscreen blinds and block-out blinds. The dual roller blind consists of the sunscreen fabric providing privacy and UV protection during the day and then the block-out roller blind material provides complete privacy, insulation and a total black-out after dark enabling you to enjoy your evening and get a good nights sleep. Manufactured in Melbourne, dual roller blinds make the perfect window covering for your bedroom and we supply dual roller blinds in colours and shades that will suit your tastes and compliment your interior design efforts. The double fabric in dual rollers is also ideal for when you require more control over lighting in other rooms too. Whether you are watching television in your living room or trying to work on the computer in your office, installing our dual roller blinds will prevent glare from appearing on your TV and PC screen. If a member of your household has difficulty sleeping because they work unsociable hours or if someone at home is struggling to sleep due to the arrival of a new baby, the dual roller blinds could be the perfect solution to these and many other problems.

If you have a property in or around Melbourne, dual roller blinds can be delivered and installed fast so why wait? Call us today to discuss your specific requirements or ask a question about improving the lighting in your residential or commercial building.


Blockout Roller Blinds In Melbourne

Blockout roller blinds will provide complete protection from sunlight and harmful UV rays. The blockout fabric (also known as blackout fabric) will also allow you added privacy from neighbours, passersby and the rest of the outside world. Blockout roller blinds are child safe, energy efficient and can help lower gas and electric bills making blockout roller blinds a sound investment for your home or office. The blackout fabric will block 100% of the sunlight from coming through your windows and glass doors. Here at The Shutters & Blinds Group, we only use the best quality fabric and materials when manufacturing our roller blinds so buy residential or commercial blockout roller blinds from us and enjoy a pitch-black room at anytime and extra insulation all year round. Blockout roller blinds are now available in a wide variety of fashionable colours and trendy designs. The demand for motorised blockout roller blinds in Melbourne is increasing. We can provide clients with the latest in remote control operating devices including wall switches, light sensors, timers, sun sensors, wind sensors and home management systems.

Australian Made Oeko Tex Certified StainProtect Fabric Treatment UPF 50+ PITCH BLACK Blockout Coating